Norgine's commitment
to colonoscopy

Norgine is dedicated to supporting the delivery of successful colonoscopies

Dedicated to supporting the delivery of successful colonoscopies

We believe that:

Physicians always should have the tools required to perform a successful colonoscopy

Patients always should have a successful colonoscopy first time

We are committed to working with the colonoscopy community to ensure that improving efficiency results in improved patient outcomes

Committed to colonoscopy since the 1980s

In-licensed KLEAN‑PREP®
(Macrogol 3350 USNF with electrolytes)


Launched MOVIPREP®
(PEG 3350 + Sodium ascorbate + Ascorbic acid + Sodium sulfate + Electrolytes)


Achieved 1 million procedures with MOVIPREP®


Supported the set up of the independent European Colonoscopy Quality Investigation Group (ECQI) to improve quality in colonoscopy


Partnered with Arc Medical to launch ENDOCUFF VISION®


Achieved 5 million procedures with MOVIPREP®


We continuously innovate to deliver bowel preparations and endoscopic devices because successful management of bowel disease often starts with a successful colonoscopy

Striving to improve clinical practice

Providing training for the whole colonoscopy team

We offer extensive training resources for colonoscopists and nurses, including online modules and portals, and regular practical training days and workshops across Europe

Sharing Best Practice

We established and work closely with the European Colonoscopy Quality Investigation Group to identify clinical parameters associated with improved quality in colonoscopy, guiding future practice

Supporting the development of mobile apps for patients and physicians

  • How patients can help prevent colon cancer
  • Follow-up colonoscopy calculator based on risk factors
  • Current treatment algorithms
  • Calendar of gastroenterology congresses and conferences

Working with research groups

We support several national groups:

  • The Société Française d’Endoscopie Digestive (SFED)
  • The Associazione Italiana Gastroenterologi & Endoscopisti Digestive Ospedalieri (AIGO) and Societa Italiana Endoscopia Digestiva (SIED) study group
  • Stiftung Lebensblicke in Germany
  • La Fundación Española del Aparato Digestivo (FEAD)

We provide a range of patient support

We know that colonoscopies can be daunting, but patients have a fundamental role in determining the quality of their procedure

Norgine helps provide a range of support to help patients fully understand and prepare for their colonoscopy, alleviating their concerns, for example:

Step-by-step booklets on what to expect, how to take their bowel preparation and what to eat

An easy to follow app to guide patients through preparing for their colonoscopy

Educational video animation for patients

Champions colorectal health awareness

We know that a timely, successful colonoscopy is fundamental to the early detection, monitoring and management of bowel-related diseases

We work with many European and national organisations to promote awareness of colorectal health and increase uptake of colonoscopies