Bringing expertise to colonoscopy

Norgine is proud of its long heritage and leadership in colonoscopy. We have consistently innovated and worked in partnership with the colonoscopy community to advance the standards of colonoscopy.


We regularly work with healthcare professionals to help improve skills and knowledge within the colonoscopy community.

Providing training for the whole colonoscopy team

We offer extensive, accredited training resources for colonoscopists and nurses, including live and on-demand online modules, virtual meetings, and regular practical training days and workshops across Europe.

Sharing best practice

Norgine established and works closely with the European Colonoscopy Quality Investigation (ECQI) Group to identify clinical parameters associated with improved quality in colonoscopy, guiding future practice. We also organise experience exchange groups and have developed apps detailing current treatment algorithms.

Working with research groups

We support several national groups:

  • The Société Française d’Endoscopie Digestive (SFED)
  • The Associazione Italiana Gastroenterologi & Endoscopisti Digestive Ospedalieri (AIGO) and Societa Italiana Endoscopia Digestiva (SIED) study group
  • Stiftung Lebensblicke in Germany
  • La Fundación Española del Aparato Digestivo (FEAD)