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Improved control1

The unique hinged arms of ENDOCUFF VISION® stabilise the tip of the endoscope within the centre of the bowel and increase control by:1

  • Improving loop management
  • Preventing sudden slippage of the endoscope on removal
  • Avoiding red-out

Increased efficiency

  • The improved stability and control that ENDOCUFF VISION® provides can improve overall colonoscopy operator performance compared to standard colonoscopy2
  • A significant decrease in CIT was seen in colonoscopies using ENDOCUFF VISION® compared to standard colonoscopies (p=0.002)2
  • Withdrawal times were 15% shorter when using ENDOCUFF VISION® compared to standard colonoscopies (p<0.005), enabling colonoscopists who use ENDOCUFF VISION® to detect the same number of lesions in a much shorter time4

Easily incorporated into your colonoscopy practice*3

  • ENDOCUFF VISION® is straightforward to use with a short learning curve for easy incorporation into your colonoscopy practice3
  • The use of ENDOCUFF VISION® can significantly improve adenoma detection rates after only 4 procedures3
  • Use of ENDOCUFF VISION® can reduce procedure times and support the growing demand for screening colonoscopies2,5

Data derived from 58 colonoscopies over a 3-week period.
Adapted from Marsano et al. 20143

*This study was conducted using ENDOCUFF, an earlier version of the current device, ENDOCUFF VISION®