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Instructions for use

ENDOCUFF VISION® is intended to be attached to the distal end of the endoscope to facilitate a colonoscopy - to keep a suitable depth of view field, and to help insert the endoscope into the gastrointestinal tract.

Download the full Instructions For Use here.


Open the ENDOCUFF VISION® box but do not take the ENDOCUFF VISION® out of the nest. Holding the shaft of the endoscope in one hand, the tip of the endoscope is introduced into the ENDOCUFF VISION® (still within the carton nest) until fully engaged.

The ENDOCUFF VISION®, attached to the endoscope, is then taken out of the carton, which is then discarded.

The grip that ENDOCUFF VISION® exerts on the endoscope should then be manually tested to ensure a firm attachment.

Points to remember

  • The ENDOCUFF VISION® should not be removed from the carton until attached to the endoscope
  • Ensure it is fully engaged so that it does not interfere with vision or become dislodged
  • It is not recommended to remove ENDOCUFF VISION® from the carton and insert it onto the endoscope by hand
  • Lubricants should not be used to help placement as this will increase the possibility of dislodgement inside the colon


Once the procedure has been completed, the endoscope should be wiped down in the usual manner taking off the ENDOCUFF VISION® in the wipe at the same time. Both the wipe and ENDOCUFF VISION® are discarded into the bin.

Point to remember

  • The ENDOCUFF VISION® should not be removed by pulling off with your fingers. It is best removed in the wipe before reprocessing the endoscope

Download the full Instructions For Use here.

Size selection

It is important that the appropriately‑sized ENDOCUFF VISION® is selected for the endoscope that is to be used.

ENDOCUFF VISION® comes in 4 different sizes, designed to fit most diameters of endoscope, and they are colour coded to distinguish between them.

On the side of each box, it states which endoscopes each ENDOCUFF VISION® is designed for.

View the Compatibility schedule for further information.

Hints and tips

Watch Dr Zacharias P. Tsiamoulos, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Specialist in GI Endoscopy and Endoscopy Clinical Lead at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, provide insights on how to optimise endoscope performance with ENDOCUFF VISION®, including improving intubation, withdrawal, and fixation techniques.


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